Did you know, children can laugh up to a whopping 250 times a day – although it’s hard to believe in our current unnerving climate! 
Even as adults, we are feeling extremely insecure and daunted by the lack of control and clarity we are faced with due to the Coronavirus. 
So, just imagine how confusing it must be on those little minds trying to process the snippets of alarming information they hear as well as seeing and feeling the anxiety from their parents/care givers of whom they depend upon for safety and stability – it must feel like a living nightmare. 
Now schools are closed. So, what do we do? WE SET A RYTHYM, ROUTINE, AND EXPECTATIONS to reinforce consistency and stability for all in the home during these uncertain times. 
Children thrive on a routine and will feel more as ease with a secure framework of time and time management in the home. Incorporating a routine assimilates skills, responsibilities, healthy habits, and a sense of belonging. 
As a parent/care giver you will become your child’s playmate as a considerable amount of time will pass before they will be able to mix with their school comrades again! Find your inner child and have fun! Allow your child/children to lead some of the play time as they would with their friends to reinforce normality. 
Keep regular mealtimes and structure snacks to prevent the downward spiral of boredom eating. Why not get the children involved in preparing the meals so to incorporate a sense of achievement and pride, and attempt to eat around a similar time to lunchtime in school? 
Below is a list of fun things to do with your young family whilst at home: 
• Build a den/cave – bring down the duvet, scatter the pillows and get building 
• Lay out the best treasure hunt with fun to read questions and a tasty treat for the lucky winner 
• Old-fashioned baking with a lovely cuppa and tasty treat at the end 
• Play a classic game of hide and seek 
• Make Play-Doh animals 
• Read a story or two as a family 
• Enjoy some TV time with popcorn or another tasty snack 
• Play some board games 
• Get the children to put on a show/play for you 
• Have a disco and dance the afternoon away – a great form of exercise too! 
However, one thing we must remember, is that this is only temporary and normal life will resume when it’s safe to do so. As a nation we are all in this together, so never feel alone – STAY SAFE WITH YOUR FAMILY. 
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