For many parents, finding the right childcare provider stirs up a range of emotions. After all, you are ultimately leaving your child in the hands of someone you do not yet know, and this can be a time full of anxiety and worry. Picking the right childcare service forms a crucial part of parent’s lives. 
Things to think about when choosing childcare: 
• Facilities 
• Reputation and Reviews 
• Costs 
• Education and Philosophy 
• Availability 
• Location 
• Friendliness and Professionalism 
• Staff Ratio 
• Happiness 
• Cleanliness 
• Nutrition 
Childcare can be a special place that nurtures and enhances the development of your child. It can be an environment for growth, learning and development through play and socialisation with other children and adults. As we like to say at Wellies, a home away from home feel is important. 
When it comes to the care of your baby, toddler or preschool child, Wellies have a high carer to child ratio employing a highly trained and qualified team who are warm, friendly and professional. We care for babies and children from 6 weeks old to school age, helping them to develop through exploration, discovery and social interaction while ensuring they are safe, secure and, most importantly, happy. Everyone is made to feel special at Wellies Day Nursery and whether children are playing or learning, developing communication skills or just having fun, we recognise that every child is unique, and we allow them to grow naturally. 
Our commitment to you and your child: 
• We work in partnership with you, creating a community that gives support to growing families. 
• Assist you with any childcare problems, specialising in under 5’s. 
• Increase your child’s experiences through an enabling environment which is secure, pleasant, exciting & fun. 
• Be a place where your child gains sociability and sensory awareness with confidence and a growing self-esteem. 
• Educate your child through rural projects planting and growing (flowers, vegetables & fruit), animals, seasons, working farm, composting. 
• Have well maintained facilities which are clean and orderly. 
• Work in partnership with other childcare professionals. 
• Have a dedicated childcare team who are highly qualified, friendly and enthusiastic. 
• Deliver a 5-star customer service in childcare and have excellence in reputation. 
We fully believe we deliver everything we promise for parents and children, but if there is any more we could be doing for you and your child, do let us know! We are always open to feedback and love looking at different ways we could possibly improve our nursery. 
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