Nearly a quarter of five year olds in England have tooth decay and tooth extraction is the most common reason for hospital admission in children aged 6-10. This problem is so big, Oral Health has been added to the EYFS, meaning your child will learn even more about how and why they should look after their teeth when they’re with us. 
However, it’s not just at the nursery where they can learn about their teeth, so here are some top tips for promoting good oral health to your little ones at home. 
Make Brushing Fun 
By being playful when learning about oral health, your child is more likely to take things on board. Use play times to brush the teeth of their favourite toys and read them stories about smiling and teeth. There are loads of videos on YouTube that show your little ones how to brush properly and even have some lovely songs that will almost definitely get stuck in your head for the rest of the day! 
Understanding the Impact Food and Drink 
We all know that sugar is the main culprit of tooth decay, but it’s how the sugar is consumed that has a greater impact. Fruit juice and smoothies are high in sugar and acid, meaning it’s a tooth’s worst nightmare! These should only be drunk in moderation and preferably through a straw that is behind their teeth. It’s actually a good sign if your child chews their straw as it means the juice is going straight into their mouth and not blasting against their teeth! Also, raisins are worse than chocolate when it comes to teeth, because they don’t melt away and can sit in your little one’s teeth all day. We’re by no means saying don’t give your child juice or raisins, it should just be in moderation at a meal time and alongside brushing twice a day. 
Brush Together 
Making brushing a family activity can make your child feel included in something fun, rather than being asked to do a chore. This way, you can also be watching them brush and ensuring that they’re getting every spot. As you know, children are excellent mimics and will copy your every move so make sure you and their older siblings are setting a good example when it comes to brushing teeth. 
Children will have toothless grins but let’s keep it for the right reasons! Waiting for big boy or girl teeth! 
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