Wellies have got you covered with family friendly activities for the Summer! 
Summer is one of the best times for outdoor activities! Take your crafts and play outside and enjoy this great collection of summer activities for your young children. 
Rainbow Soup Water Play 
Rainbow stone soup is so easy to put together and so much fun! You will need: 
• Water and a large container 
• Kitchen utensils such as plastic bowls, a ladle, a whisk, and a large plastic spoon. 
• Glass stones in a variety of colours 
The colourful glass stones sink to the bottom of this sensory soup, but they quickly transform the water into a polka dotted frenzy! Get your child to choose a colour, and then fish all of those stones out, then pick another colour and so on until all of the stones are out! You could also create different types of soups with the different coloured stones. 
Sensory Bins 
Sensory bins are great for stimulating your child’s taste, smell, touch, sound and sight. Grab a picnic blanket, some plastic tubs and head outside. If you don’t have any tubs, see what you already have lying around and think about how you can utilise it for a sensory bin. 
You will then need your ‘fillers’. We have given you a list below of some ideas: 
• Dried pasta 
• Coloured rice 
• Feathers 
• Mud 
• Flour 
• Seeds 
• Water beads 
• Water (vary the temperature or colour) 
• Play dough 
• Ice cubes 
• Pom poms 
There are so many things you can use; the options are endless! After you have your bins and fillers, it's time to move onto different tools and toys. 
These can include: 
• Plastic funnels 
• Glass food jars 
• Scoops 
• Measuring cups/spoons 
• Plastic animals or figures 
• Tongs 
• Tweezers 
• Ice cube trays 
• Empty condiment bottles 
• Whisk 
Your child can have hours of fun in the sun with the sensory bins, scooping and pouring, finding and hiding, the possibilities are unlimited! 
Bug Scavenger Hunt 
Kids love all things creepy crawly and will adore this scavenger bug hunt! 
Grab some paper, some colouring pens and think of all the things you could possibly find in the garden. Get your child to help your draw or write all of the different things. Grab a magnifying glass (if you have one!) a bucket or container and go and see how many things you can tick off of your sheet! 
Rock Maze 
Make playing with toy cars and animal figures a lot more fun by creating a Rock Maze. Grab lots of stones and create a long maze or road for your figures or cars! 
Toy Wash 
Grab your toys (cars, trucks, dinosaurs, ponies, dolls!), add some washing up liquid to a big bowl of water or container and create your very own toy wash! You could even charge each toy a fee and use plastic money or beans. 
Don’t forget a cloth and a towel to dry them with after or let them dry in the sunshine. 
Always wear a good quality SPF, the higher the better! We always recommend purchasing a cream or spray that has a SPF of 50 which is also waterproof. 
Cover up heads and faces with a good sun hat and remember to get some shade around the strongest rays of the day. 
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