Following Boris Johnson’s announcement on Saturday 31st October and the advice relayed by Public Health England, nurseries, schools, playgrounds, and universities are remaining open as we know. The second national lockdown is due to end on 3rd December naturally, with processes and risk assessments firmly in place.  
Here at Wellies we want to thank you for your amazing support to date! 
You have been very quick to act if your little one or any household member has shown symptoms of COVID-19 resulting in 40 negative test results from the beginning of August to date. We kindly ask you to continue to be vigilant about your child’s personal health and that of your households, or family bubble. 
Our policies are as follows: 
• Testing any household member if they show symptoms as defined by the Government 
• Isolating the household, until results of the test are known 
• Informing Nursery by email of the household result/ child result 
• Keeping your child at home if they are at all unwell. 
• Please do not give Calpol/paracetamol/ibuprofen in the 24-hour period before attending Nursery - this is so we can be sure your child is well and continue to effectively monitor their health during the day. 
• If your child requires oral medication the first 48 hours will need to be given at home 
• If your child becomes unwell during the nursery day, you will be contacted for immediate collection and advised about booking a COVID test or speaking to your GP. 
All Wellies, our staff continue to adhere to our strict guidelines of social distancing, the use of access cards, regular hand washing, limited use of malleable play for children, ensuring equipment is colour-coded and regularly rotated every 72 hours, and of course encouraging the enjoyment of outdoor play and exploration in our extensive grounds. With Autumn in full flow, children can enjoy collecting and examining fallen leaves with all their different colours and crinkly sounds! What is more exciting than a socially distanced leaf fight with your friends! 
By working together, we will be able to keep all groups at Nursery open. We continue to keep everyone in their separate rooms, garden spaces & staff areas to avoid close contact. 
Nursery remains an important driving force of a young child’s social and academic development. A study-funded by the government provided results showing that children who attended nursery performed more successfully in primary school as opposed to those children who attended primary school as their first educational setting. 
From an emotional aspect, young children learn the importance of forming trusting relationships with their fellow comrades as well as building self-esteem and confidence in themselves through self-expression. Children also begin to learn the necessity of learning to care for oneself and others around them through discipline and of course fun! 
Nursery is an all-round positive environment in which your child will thrive and thoroughly enjoy. 
Rest assured when you deliver your children to us you can be sure they are having fun and learning at the same time! We remain open to provide support to you as parents/caregivers as well as continually providing the regular routine your children expect and enjoy. 
We are here for you and your family. 
For more information CLICK HERE for ‘What Parents & Carers need to know about Early Years. 
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