"Trust is important because it is the basis around which all human relationships revolve. Without trust, there can be no relationship." 
A lot of the staff at Wellies are parents themselves. Therefore, we know, on a professional but also a very personal level how difficult, nervy and overwhelming it can be to leave your child (hopefully happy and settled) at a nursery while you head off for the day being a rock star parent. 
It's a natural part of parenthood to spend a big part of your day worrying about your child, wondering what they're up to, and most importantly if they are happy, settled and content. 
So, how do you get the feeling of trust? 
We believe communication and compassion are key to a successful and trusting relationship. 
Perhaps you're choosing a nursery for the first time? Or you are in the unfortunate position that you are having to change nurseries. But regardless of your situation, there are a lot of things you need to consider when making your decision. 
When parents come to visit Wellies in the blissful countryside, we advise parents to ask themselves one simple question. 
"Can you trust the nursery and their team to look after your little one?" 
We pride ourselves on being a close-knit family, not only with our staff but also the parents. Why? Because ultimately, we all are working towards the same goals. 
Our aim is to give your child the best start in life and making life long happy and loving memories with them, so they grow up with fond memories and a great foundation to make an impact in the world. 
Why our parents trust Wellies Day Nursery: 
They know that their little ones are not in cramped rooms with nowhere to explore and play. Wellies Day Nursery is renowned for its beautiful and peaceful surroundings in the open countryside. If they look far enough they can see the farm owned by Helen's husband! 
We have very tight security procedures to ensure your children's safety is always a priority. Guests are prompted to sign the reception book, parents gain access through fingerprint recognision and we have security cameras throughout the nursery. 
Your children are cared for with staff that you can 100% trust. Not only with your little one but with any concerns you have or dealing with the curve balls that life can throw our way. 
Often our staff become lifelong friends with the parents who bring their children to the nursery. 
Many of our staff have been here for over 15 years. They have grown with us from apprentices to Level 3 and 4 qualified nursery staff. Parents can trust that they are in a safe environment with staff that have their best interests at heart. 
Many parents throughout the day start to wonder what their little one is up to. This is why we have an online system called the EYFS (eyLog System) where we record your child's learning journey, so parents can have complete access to every stage of their child's development, and we can work together to bring the best out of your child from the start. 
"Trust Us Because We Care" 
We care about your baby and we care about you. 
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