Starting school in September can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for both children and parents. The transition to a new environment, learning new rules and routines, and meeting new people can be difficult for kids. As parents, it is important to ensure that your child is prepared and ready to start the new school year off on the right foot. 
In this blog post, we will discuss strategies to help your child adjust to their new school experience and have a successful start in September. 
Keep in touch with other parents with children going to the same school as yours. 
This allows your children to socialise with other children with which they will be spending the next few years, starting a new school can be less daunting if they have a friend to do it with. 
Start teaching your child basic rules for school, such as following instructions. 
Simon says is a brilliant example of helping your child understand instructions in a fun way, and this can be done when you are just out and about or on a long car journey. It’s also easy to adapt to incorporate new school related things. 
Help your child with their independence. 
When children start big school, they will want to become more independent and feel more grown up, help your child in this transition by letting them do simples things such as: 
• Allowing them to go to the toilet by themselves, resist the temptation to pop in and help them while they’re in the toilet, this will teach them a little more independence. 
• Let them pick out their uniform / outfit and help them learn how to do up certain buttons and buckles. 
• Let them try and do their school shoes, Velcro fastenings or zips can be easy for your little ones to do up, show them how to do them up with one shoe and allow them to do the other one themselves. 
• Teach them how to use their knives and forks independently while having their lunch, start with soft foods such as fruit which will be easy for them to cut and pick up. 
Communicate with your child about the big change that is about to happen to them. 
Visit the school they will be attending. Many schools have days when new children can go and visit. This allows them to understand the new environment they are about to join, alongside understanding how this can be different to nursery. 
Reassure them that school is fun! Talk to them about all the new things they are going to learn and let them ask any questions they may have about this new start; this will give you time to calm their nerves before they begin. 
Start a routine with them before they start in September. 
This can be so simple! If you’re going to be walking to school every day, on the weekends walk the route you will be doing in September. You can start this now and by the time they start, it will become second nature for them! 
All the staff at Wellies Day Nursery are here to help your child, and you, with this big change. If you do have any questions and need some more help, please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff. 
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