Where is there a more suitable and relevant place to teach the importance of British Values than in nursery? A safe environment where young children can express themselves, build inner confidence and cement strong relationships with their fellow comrades ready for the start of primary school! – The ideal place to start creating great memories! 
Wellies Day Nursery take immense pride in providing just that! 
So, what are British Values? As a simple list they are the following, but widen out to a greater spectrum of acceptance and mutual respect that is the strong framework of the country we live in: 
• Democracy 
• The rule of law 
• Individual liberty 
• Mutual respect 
• Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs 
We belong to a diverse community where each person is individual but just as important. From an early age, children need to learn that their views and opinions matter, and know their thoughts and feelings are embraced with understanding. Also, the same rule applies to the people they live alongside. This is especially relevant for pre-school children who are naturally ego-centric and who require the gentle guidance and nurturing to think and understand beyond their own viewpoints. 
Wellies provide children with the safety and power to make their own decisions as well as learning to respect those of others with neutral understanding and without prejudice. This is where encouraging children to share stories about their family and homelife can prove very successful. Embracing different faiths and beliefs with the celebrating of festivals and birthdays brings enjoyment to what is an extremely important tool to carry throughout life. 
Learning to be accepting is what makes our country and the world a more friendly and satisfying place to be part of. Children are indeed the future, so let’s set them off on the correct path to success and happiness! 
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