It's officially Children's Dental Health Month! We all want our little ones to have pearly whites but getting them into a good brushing routine can be a right pain in the mouth. Never fear, we have all the tips and tricks to get those tiny teeth sparkling. So grab a toothbrush and let's get brushing up on smiles! 
Make Brushing Teeth Fun 
It's never too early to help your little ones develop good brushing habits. Start by getting them their very own fun toothbrush and child-friendly toothpaste, then show them the proper way to brush. Gently guide their hands to brush in small circles, paying extra attention to the gumline and hard-to-reach spots in the back. 
To keep brushing engaging, try using a themed timer set for two minutes. Little ones can pick their favorite character like Elsa or Spiderman to help motivate them while brushing. You should also lead by example and brush alongside your child. Make silly faces in the mirror or play music to keep things exciting! 
Once your child has the hang of it, start a rewards chart to help build it into a daily routine. Give a sticker for every time they brush, and once they get 10 stickers they earn a small prize. This positive reinforcement will make them want to keep up the good work. 
Don’t Forget Baby Teeth 
Remember, baby teeth need care too. Help your little ones brush twice a day and limit sugary treats to prevent cavities. Instilling good dental hygiene at an early age will give them a lifetime of bright, healthy smiles. Now go grab those toothbrushes and get brushing! Those pearly whites won't polish themselves. 
Toothsome Routine for Tiny Teeth 
As a parent, getting your little one into a good teeth brushing routine can be challenging. Why not make it into a game? There are some great apps and products out there to help motivate your child and turn brushing into an enjoyable daily habit. 
● A fantastic free app is ‘Brush DJ’. This fun musical toothbrush timer plays two minutes of your child’s favorite songs to keep them brushing for the recommended time. You can even upload your own music! With rewards and stickers to earn, Brush DJ makes brushing feel more like a game than a chore. 
● Another option is GUM playbrush, who offer toothbrushes made for children which connect to their interactive app. The app teaches little ones to brush with the right technique, and once they brush correctly they'll progress in the game! This imaginative app really captures little minds and gives them an incentive to keep brushing daily. 
● For a low-tech option, try a musical toothbrush or light-up timer toothbrush. These brushes play music or light up to signal when it’s time to switch sections of the mouth! 
By finding ways to make brushing enjoyable for your child, you’ll set them up with healthy habits to last a lifetime. With the right tools and a little patience, brushing teeth can be fun for the whole family! We'll also be sharing more tips on all things teeth on our social this month, so make sure you stay tuned for more. 
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