“I’m bored!!!” – the dreaded words no adult wants to hear. Thankfully, we’re here with some of our favourite ways to have fun with your child that won’t hurt the bank this summer.  
Let’s get straight to it! 
Ice Painting 
Take some time to get artsy outdoors with some drawing equipment that will keep your little one cool as well as entertained. 
You will need: 
• An ice cube tray 
• Water 
• Food colouring (we recommend at least three colours) 
• Cornflour 
Mix some water, cornflour and one colour of food colouring into a paste. Then, pour into the ice cube tray. Repeat this with every colour you have. The more colours, the better! Place the ice cube tray into the freezer overnight and by morning you should have colourful blocks of ice. Take these and your little one outside and encourage them to draw on the ground. It should draw like chalk. The best thing about this mixture is it’s safe for your child to eat, although we wouldn’t recommend it after drawing on the ground! 
Senses Walk 
Take your child on a walk and encourage them to explore their senses by asking them questions. At regular intervals, ask them what they can see, hear and smell. Help them out by asking them when the environment has changed enough for the answers to be different. Don’t be worried if all they say they can smell is flowers or trees (or even poo!) as this can be quite tricky at younger ages. You might like to ask them what they can feel or what a particular thing feels like, for example a tree. This activity is great at all times of the year and can be done every time you visit a new place with them. 
Blanket Fort 
We wouldn’t be surprised if some of you grown-ups enjoy this one more than the children do! Who doesn’t love building their own den or fort!? 
This activity is best done with large cushions, duvets and duvet covers but if you have large cardboard boxes, they can also work a treat and can be decorated. In whatever space you have or want to use, stand your cushions or cardboard upright to build walls and drape your duvet and/or cover over the top to form a roof. Once you have reached your desired size, it might be fun to watch a film or eat some snacks inside although the excitement of items out of their regular place could be too much for them to sit still! 
We’d love to know your favourite, inexpensive ways you keep your child entertained and any tips or tricks you use to stop them saying that dreaded phrase! 
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